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Hetherev World Map by Drak-Arts
Hetherev Hometown Icons by GreekCeltic
Heth Events, Memes activities
HETHEREVE SUMMER FESTIVAL! (10th to 31st July) by RecklessJack
Heth Oc Reactions (expression meme) by RecklessJack
Reference Sheet Folder
Hetherev_BAZOOKA_2016 by Miapet
Tey OC (Hetherev) by SzkArt
Ginger by Dinoshoes
Reference Sheet by PhoenixtheParrot
Cogs of war - The Scream no.1 by RecklessJack
Cogs of War: Rumbling Underground by VRiosArt
Cogs of War by bolthound
Cogs: Tide by birdscribbles
Mellekori Island Challenges
Jora's Arrival by Halorith
Long Night Ahead by Wolfy-T
Hetherev: Seahorse by Wolfy-T
Heth- port thief by Kurodaia-Chan
Kobekan Mountain Challenges
Bells by Riurekai
crashed by Riurekai
M-Biffuronas-Mount-B by Kaiju-popsicle
M-Biffuronas-Mountain-C by Kaiju-popsicle
Morran Forest Challenges
Cave 9 by Dinoshoes
Cave 10 by Dinoshoes
Cave 5 by Dinoshoes
Cave 6 by Dinoshoes
Aspik Challenges
Sen'nahen Desert Challenges
Oriana: SD-1 Arrival [pt1] by UnfortunateCorvid
Sen'nahat Desert - Isis-ma - Stage 2 - D by SinjaAussiaAngels
Sen'nahat Desert - Isis-ma - Stage 2 -D by SinjaAussiaAngels
Sen'nahat Desert - Isis-ma - Stage 2 - D by SinjaAussiaAngels
Boneyard Challenges
Interactions, Gifts, and Misc
Hisa Bust by erratictransparency
Deephome Challenges
[Secret Santa] knife to meet you! by Tytoquetra
NPCs, Mounts, and Locations
Tabling NPCs! by birdscribbles
Interaction Objects
Lost Item: SWEET PICK by Wolfy-T
Interview Characters
Ask Maria by Tytoquetra
Archive: Slumber Party
hetherev: 021 char sheet by nyemi
Archive: Recycle Bin
B-Myriot-Magic-G p1 by Komical
Archive: Bless This Mess
Lordhavemercyodnme by Kurodaia-Chan



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:star: APPLICATIONS ARE :star:

Last updated: March 2014

What is this place?
Hetherev is an art group in which you create a story by dropping one of your precious OCs head-first into our world. Advance this story by completing the different challenges posed by the different parts of the world. They'll meet friends, foes, and more along the way! You can also submit general artwork or gifts for other members. There are fun Art Jams, Character Asks, and even Roleplay to be found here in Hetherev.

:star: Group Information Links

:bulletyellow: How to Join
:bulletyellow: Rules
:bulletyellow: Submission Guidelines
:bulletyellow: The Setting
:bulletyellow: Creating a Ref Sheet
:bulletyellow: How to Complete Challenges
:bulletyellow: Frequently Asked Questions

:star: Areas your character can start their adventure in.

:bulletblue: Morran Forest
:bulletblue: Kobekan Mountain
:bulletblue: Sen'nahat Desert
:bulletblue: Mellekori Island

:star: Special places your character can visit!

:bulletblue: Aspik City
:bulletblue: The Boneyard
:bulletblue: Deep City

:star: Other Cool Stuff

:bulletpurple: Super Awesome Art Ref List
:bulletpurple: Art Jam Master List
:bulletpurple: Non-Playable Character (NPC) Guidelines
:bulletpurple: Hetherev DA Chat
:bulletpurple: Unofficial Roleplay Forum
:bulletpurple: Unofficial Tumblr
:bulletpurple: Unoffical Skype Chat

:bulletred:NO POINT DONATIONS PLEASE. We have no intention of ever purchasing a group package. It isn't wanted.

Current icon by owlion

:santa: Hello fellow Hetherevians (that’s a word, right?) :santa:

Soon Christmas time is upon us, and a chance to spread a little joy and be merry together.
Therefore, you are invited to take part in the Secret Santa Event 2016. It’s the usual DeviantArt Secret Santa: You get assigned a name. You paint them a gift. You get a gift too!
It’s a good opportunity to get familiar with some of the other characters, improve your skills and to produce something for the Hetherev group gallery. Yay!

1# Don’t agree to participate if somewhere deep down you know you don’t have the time. It is not fair to the person you are supposed to make a gift for. So think about it.
2# You sign up by commenting on this journal and if you want to make a wish list, you can do so in that comment also. (Obviously, the wish list must be in accordance with rule 4 #)
3# You must submit your art gift to the Interaction, Gifts, and Mix gallery (and notify the intended) on the 25th of December 2016
4 # The art has to be Hetherev related and at least feature the OC of the person you have been assigned.
5 # Your art must be a finished piece: no sketches. We want to see full color and shading and at least a simple background.
6 # Last chance to sign up for this event is November 20th, 2016.
Other than that you are free to create. Maybe your own character is spending Christmas with the OC of your assigned person? Maybe Christmas is very different in Hetherev? Maybe the characters doesn’t even know what this Christmas thing is? Or maybe you want to do something completely unrelated to Christmas because you just want to draw this other OC in a fun situation.

Sign-up opens: 12/11/16
Sign-up closes: 20/11/16
Names distributed: 26/11/16
Creation Period: 26/11/16 - 24/12/16
Gifts delivered: 25/12/16

Hope to see a lot of cool creations and happy participants. :rudolph:

By: :iconszkart:
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MellowCafe Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Question! Does this group have a discord to interact with? I see there is an unoffial skype chat but I don't usually use skype anymore. 
RecklessJack Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Discord (black) IconYes we do! 
Like with the Skype chat Members need to request entry (Note the group) and will get the Discord Link. Once into Discord we ask new folk to link us your OC/DA gallery in the welcome page As part of our safety precautions. 

  I personly prefire to use Discord more than Skype (to the point i'd prefer the group to use it as the main communication locationDean Winchester icon ~ free to use!   
Miapet Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! So I just resubmitted a character this weekend. i think. o:
Usually i get a notification when I submit something to a group, but I didn't for this post?. I'm just wondering if I actually posted correctly or put her in the right folder xD
WKJonesnet Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hi, Can you resubmit the refsheet? I believe it never made it into the the group submissions cue.

I have experienced issues submitting artwork into the group as well and I had to submit it 4 to 5 times before seeing it in the backend. 
Miapet Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Sure thing! Thank you for the reply : ) I sent it a few minutes ago to the reference sheet folder.
SzkArt Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't see my character, Tey, in the reference sheet gallery, although I have only become a member this year? Has she been tossed out?
SzkArt Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you! The journal notification must have gotten lost among the others :) Just made a request. 
Dravening Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Student Filmographer
Hi! I'd like to keep all my challenges the way they are which are this one…
and this one

However, I've redesigned my character Angus Strachan since my last challenge. Should I send in a new ref sheet or what? 
WKJonesnet Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
your 2 challenges have been placed back where they were.

Yes any character design changes that you would like other artists to use in their Hetherev art challenges should be reflected in the ref-sheet. You are also welcome to make further updates at any time aswell.
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