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Last updated: March 2014

What is this place?
Hetherev is an art group in which you create a story by dropping one of your precious OCs head-first into our world. Advance this story by completing the different challenges posed by the different parts of the world. They'll meet friends, foes, and more along the way! You can also submit general artwork or gifts for other members. There are fun Art Jams, Character Asks, and even Roleplay to be found here in Hetherev.

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:star: Areas your character can start their adventure in.

:bulletblue: Morran Forest
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:bulletblue: Aspik City
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:bulletred:NO POINT DONATIONS PLEASE. We have no intention of ever purchasing a group package. It isn't wanted.

Current icon by owlion
Welcome back everyone! I want to apologize how late this is in getting posted, we all know how finals and holidays can be.

Glad to see all the art going into the folder, because of the amount of participation that the group has shown we can justify continuing on with the plot. Lets keep it up so we can keep going!

Also, we've decided to make a tiny adjustment to how submissions work. A lot of people have expressed that they would like to still complete the first section of the plot but may not make it on time. So as of now, you can still submit your Plot 1 part, but you cannot jump into Plot 2 until that is finished! They must be completed in order. 

Part 2- The Awakening

Weeks of conflict with between the Graveyard Machine and the Aspik Guard have left major parts of the city in ruins. Entire housing complexes leveled to the ground, stores and companies reduced to rubble, and entire streets destroyed beyond use. The guard, ever proud, insist they have the situation under control, but the residents of the city are bitter and unsatisfied. If the guard cannot defend it's citizens, then why even trust them? Mercenaries and vigilantes band together to ward off the armies of the Graveyard Machine, some for free and others for a price. With the conflict rising to a critical point, the guard finally realizes that they have to enlist more help.

The Graveyard Machine, knowing that they are on the path to victory, want's to ensure that nothing stands in it's way. It too is enlisting help, promising the blessing of the forest god in exchange for aid in battle. While the use of advanced technology is not allowed among their tanks, those with magical abilities will be given trinkets that enhance their spells. 

The time as come to pick sides. Will you aid the residents of Aspik preserve the grand city that they call home, or will you side with Graveyard Machine and restore the natural balance of the forest and it's magic?

What's happening?

The forest god is angry and has decided to wage war upon technology--or at least those who seem to think it superior to magic. The Graveyard Machine's first attack was eventually able to be beaten back to the city walls with moderate casualties, but by the day, the army grows. Aspik never counted on the vast junkyards that decorate the city's outskirts to ever be used against it. The Graveyard Machine is filled with rage and cannot currently be reasoned with. So far this has been the first and only time Aspik's walls have been breached. 

Residents of Aspik have taken up sides, those who side with the Graveyard Machine and those who choose to stand against it. Both sides are doing everything they can to bring people to their cause. Not only has this become a physical battle, but a political one as well. 

[!]Characters can participate in this event so long as your Arrival Challenge has been completed. However, in order to complete other challenges that are not related to Cogs of War, you still must have completed your Mount challenge. 

How can I participate?

By submitting all Plot Challenges to the new COGS OF WAR folder! 
Part 2 has four challenges. You do not have to do all of them or do them in order, but you MUST do at least one Part 2 Challenge before submitting Part 3 Challenges.

After the plot ends, no more submissions will be accepted into the plot's folder. That won't be for several months, though!

Plot 2 is due April 31st, 2015!

These challenges, unless otherwise stated, must stick to the normal challenge guidelines. They must be fully colored and include a background.  They are worth a whopping 20 points each! 

Please use the following form in the description of your submissions:

Plot: Cogs of War
Challenge 2: (title)

:bulletblue: (Good and Riled Up) - Draw a poster recruiting for either the Graveyard Machine or the good people of Aspik city! They need YOU! This challenge CAN be colored minimally but it must be finished, neat, and include clear text (anything that would be considered messy will not be accepted).

:bulletblue: (They Always Get My Nose Wrong) - Uh oh! Your character has upset the wrong person and now somebody wants their head! Which side is it? What is the reward for their capture? WHY can't they draw their nose right???

:bulletblue: (Can't Skip Leg Day) - Your character is riled up and ready for battle, but first they need to train! How do they sharpen their battle skills? Be sure to establish which side they have taken!

:bulletblue: (I Skipped Leg Day) - Don't have the strength of a thousand men or the ferocity of a pack of wolves? No worries! While you may not be much of a fighter, your other talents and willingness to help speak to your dedication. What do you do to help? Make sure you establish which side you've taken!

Feel free to ask questions on this journal! Enjoy the plot!
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Caslen Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
Hey there, I made a character and did the submission when this started a loooong time ago. But I never got into the swing of it and life got in the way. I'd really like to have another go and start a new character (preferably instead of the old one so should I delete that), would I be alright to do that? Would I have to redo anything besides a new character entry? Thanks!
RecklessJack Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Its perfectly fine if you wanna restart with a new character, thanks for letting us know and feel free to remove the old reff an stuff form the group.
Look forward to seeing your new character and the tasks they face through Heth. :D
AtlantaTheAristocrat Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey guys, I have a suggestion for better event planning.
Can we do a research poll to get an approximation for the busiest times of the year that people have for school, work, and such? That way if there's a point in the year where people are less busy and have more free time, we could have more active participation in events and group rps. 

We can also update the polling annually to see where our members stand in terms of long term scheduling.
MadMeeper Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Student Filmographer
The first Cogs of War submission deadline was more based around how many months we would give people to do it, but for future deadlines I will definitely talk with the fellow administration team about what times of year would be ideal! We usually try to format things around school breaks, this upcoming deadline being Thanksgiving break. 

If you have suggestions on actual months deadlines would be good for, go ahead and shoot us a note! We'll definitely take them into consideration. :> 
AtlantaTheAristocrat Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration. :) I hope it will help for future events.
Raakiel Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Excuse me but where I can ask some questions besides of Skype and chat? ._.
MadMeeper Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Filmographer
Sending the group a note is a good way to get in contact with us! Which I see you've already done. :> 
Wolfy-T Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Right here is just fine! Or you can go to the group's front page and select the "send a note" option. We'll all see it. 
Raakiel Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you <3 I prefer note because I don't want to spam you here
Sytren Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question! I hope it's alright to ask here, I really want to make a character using the daemon concept from His Dark Materials/Golden Compass, would that be alright? I'd have to change some things, but it would be interesting experimenting with a character like that in this world.

They'd be considered one character too, no? Since it's the same soul, just halved a little differently. 
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