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Last updated: March 2014

What is this place?
Hetherev is an art group in which you create a story by dropping one of your precious OCs head-first into our world. Advance this story by completing the different challenges posed by the different parts of the world. They'll meet friends, foes, and more along the way! You can also submit general artwork or gifts for other members. There are fun Art Jams, Character Asks, and even Roleplay to be found here in Hetherev.

:star: Group Information Links

:bulletyellow: How to Join
:bulletyellow: Rules and Guidelines
:bulletyellow: The Setting
:bulletyellow: Creating a Ref Sheet
:bulletyellow: How to Complete Challenges
:bulletyellow: Frequently Asked Questions

:star: Areas your character can start their adventure in.

:bulletblue: Morran Forest
:bulletblue: Kobekan Mountain
:bulletblue: Sen'nahat Desert
:bulletblue: Mellekori Island

:star: Other places your character can visit!

:bulletblue: Aspik City
:bulletblue: The Boneyard
:bulletblue: Deep City

:star: Hetherev FUN STUFF!

:bulletpurple: Art Jam Master List
:bulletpurple:Hetherev DA Chat
:bulletpurple: Unofficial Roleplay Forum - How to Join
:bulletpurple: Unofficial Tumblr
:bulletpurple: Unoffical Skype Chat

:bulletred:NO POINT DONATIONS PLEASE. We have no intention of ever purchasing a group package. It isn't wanted.

Current icon by owlion
That's right, folks! Your characters have a shiny new place to visit!

About Deep City:

Deep City is an underwater town a few days off the seaward coast of Mellekori Island. It is inhabited by fish people, merfolk, monsters, and more! It has its own set of challenges and rewards. Deep City is not a starting area so your character MUST complete their mount challenge before they can visit it, just like with Aspik City.

:star: Deep City Challenge Page

If this goes well, we'll roll out another fun new area in a few months.

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Yelsah 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks very interesting but is it active at all in an rp sense? I seen that it's not  reallyrequired but it's kinda why I join groups. If it is active to some point I might consider dropping this girl… here since the group she was made for never really went anywhere ;u; It'd be fun to doodle her as a real sheep and stuff. If it's not well I'll keep trying to find her a home~
MadMeeper 8 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
The forums are a taaaad inactive, but with all the new members joining recently, I don't doubt activity will spike! 

The unofficial RP forums and the Skype chat are the most effective way to meet other members and plan RPs. :> 
We have an unofficial roleplay forum where quite a few members hang out to rp. Many people even work their rps into their art challenges. :)
ShadowHaven0 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Ah this looks like a really interesting art group! I'll have to get some stuff together and see if I can join in the fun. Perhaps this could help me get out of the rut I'm in story wise for myself. The group looks like a bundle of fun.
c: Can't wait to see what you send us!
ShadowHaven0 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Thank you Wolfy! Can't wait to enter :D
MadMeeper 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
This group has personally helped me improve leaps and bounds, and I know several of my friends were able to get out of art ruts by being a part of this community. Its a great experience! C: 
ShadowHaven0 3 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm definitely going to look into it! Thank you for responding to me MadMeeper :D I'm very excited to get some stuff together to send in an app and see if I can join in this intersting place :)
MadMeeper 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Cant wait to see your application! :D Good luck!
(1 Reply)
This is such a cool group. :la: Too bad I can't draw animals XD  
Maybe one day I'll try :heart:
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